Tuesday, 12 May 2009


With so many albums of mine available here, you might find it hard to decide what to download unless you're already familiar with my music. Therefore I have compiled an album of 2CD's length covering every album I've made, including group efforts from Modryn, Continental Soul Searchers, and Pangolin.

It's always hard to make compilations of your own work, and my opinion is that the artists themselves rarely are the best persons to decide what material is appropriate to include. Had someone else put together a Peter Scion "best of" or "introduction" styled album, it might have looked very different. I have however tried to shed light on as many different styles I thought necessary, why this introduction swings wildly from dark folk to country music to heavy rock to... Well, you get the point. However, this isn't meant to be a cohesive album, just the introduction the title suggests.

For quick download, it's available only in slightly lesser quality mp3's. If you have an irresistable urge to get this music in better quality after messing up your mind with these selections, I humbly advise you to choose the regular albums.



  1. Peter - what can i say. well i for one will be downloading this intro to yr stuff tonight and you know it doesn't really matter what i think of it at this stage as I admire yr stance so much!
    I shall be putting up a link at a couple of blogs over the next couple of days and will link back to you.

  2. Thanks to you Mona, for the appreciation and for the links!

  3. Hellaaaaa!!! from Giorgos, Greece! I discovered your blog almost by chance. I 'm listening to the "introduction" right now and feel compelled to post something. Your music is VERY interesting!! A great THANK YOU Peter!. (please read on)
    Last year I was at Santorini island and spent a whole night at a bar with some friends. The music was awesome. Just before leaving the place (about 5 in the morning, when all sweet sounds were no more), a guy (who introduced himself as the DJ) came towards us. "MUSIC IS TO BE SHARED", he said and handled us a CD with the word "Manitarok" written hastily on top ... I 've been listening to "Manitarok" disc ever since and adore it. In my opinion, --GOOD MUSIC IS TO BE SHARED--. Thank you, again.
    By the way : "Manitarok" is a group from Grevena, Greece. They blend greek folk with psychedelia in a unique way. Check them out at
    (the guy playing the harmonica is actually the DJ I mention above!!)
    See also : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTghGbJYQp0

  4. Thanks for the links and for the appreciation! I will check out Manitarok for sure.

  5. Peter! Det är ju underbart. Finns denna samling att köpa på skiva? Det vore något.

    /Markus (The Shadows Commence)

  6. Markus: Nej, den finns bara här i denna form, som en introduktion till de vilsna nykomlingarna och de tvehågsna. :-)

  7. Hi Peter,

    It seems that MediaFire has deleted Disc 2 of "Peculiar Sounds" :-(

  8. Scott, I'm aware of the problem. There are other links here that are dead too. I will re-up the missing albums when I get the chance. It might take a little while for various reasons, but as soon as I can, this blog will get a proper overhaul.

  9. But thanks for telling me of course - I'm glad that people let me know when it happens! :-)

  10. i want the second disc so bad

  11. CD" tells: Invalid or Deleted File.

  12. Dear Peter,

    Thanks for this fantastic site. Encountered 'Cynthia' on the Hand/Eye compilation. I am curious about this album! Album 2 is still down, though.

  13. thanks for your effort with this blog peter, i came here through my admiration of st mikael and really enjoyed your collaboration project. now i wanted to go further with this compilation, but it seems to be partly down;

    greetings and keep up the music;