Wednesday, 6 May 2009

THE AMETHYST DREAM (Peter Scion 1997)

My third album was my personal favourite for a while, and I still like how it works cyclical, like an eternity sign. The last track "The Garden" (featuring Carita Forslund on flute) spiritually connects with the opening track, the likewise instrumental "Spring Fair Tune". The title track, also instrumental, is placed in the middle: the point where everything meets. When choosing the songs for "The Amethyst Dream", I tried to make it an album that you could listen to at a low volume, almost like an ambient album. However, tracks such as "Death Comes From The Sky" is a far cry from your typical ambient styled music!

The cover shot was taken by my inspirational mentor and close friend Christer Bäckhage. There was a small deserted garden not far from where I lived, and I decided it would be a perfect place for some posing. Luckily, I'm not seen clearly on the cover, more like a shadow emerging from the dark. I actually hate pictures of myself, and it would take a good while until I decided to have a proper portrait of myself on an album cover.

They have now ruined the deserted garden by building an ugly house there. (Sometimes, reality is very harsh.) They left the small stone steps (on which I sit) leading up to the garden though, but the magic of the place is gone.

"The Amethyst Dream" is the final part of what works like a trilogy, preceeded by "Tree Music" and "Devachan". The intention was never to create a cycle of albums, but "The Amethyst Dream" somehow seems to finish what "Devachan" started.



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