Wednesday, 6 May 2009

CROSSING THE BLACK CAT'S PATH (P. Scion & The Poor Minstrels of Song 2000-2002)

(well, officially at least...)

Playing live has never been a favourite pastime of mine as I suffer from a pretty severe stage fright. Nevertheless, when I was asked to join two US acts and one from Norway for a tour in Northern Europe 2002, I had to say yes. It was after all a childhood dream coming true. Along with the Iditarod, Drekka, and Ring I squeezed myself into a tiny van going from from Oslo to Denmark, from Denmark to Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. And I realized it was so much easier performing in front of total strangers, than playing to a crowd of people consisting mostly of your friends. I know some tour participants can testify to some tour habits of mine, such as having beer before lunch and eating too much of the free food served at the venues, but oh well so it goes. (It was during this tour the appropriate expression "Feed the Swede" was coined.)

The Poor Minstrels tour provided me with the chance to realize a long-standing desire to perform with a string section. Thanks to the Iditarod's cello and viola player, my bare-bones solo sound was enhanced with a much richer sound palette. Unfortunately, there hardly seems to be any good recordings documenting the tour, even though almost every night was taped. The songs on this album, originally distributed as some kind of bootleg, were recorded in session for the Dutch radio. Included are a selection from the then not yet released "Sister Songs", a heavily reworked version "In The Forest" plus other songs rarely played live. All in all, this is by far the best live documentation of a Peter Scion live set.

Completing the album are two songs from a live performance in Gothenburg 2000, plus a stray recording from a friend's rehearsal space made in 2001.



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