Wednesday, 6 May 2009

TIME VAULTS (Pangolin 1998-1999)


The sound on this album is seriously rough on your ears. It's a compilation of Walkman tapes, presenting Pangolin in rehearsal (except for two songs that are recorded in front of an audience). I really need to say that this album is basically for those who are already familiar with Pangolin's music. It's nowhere near a good entry point for the curious newcomer.

That said, I think this stuff is interesting in its own way. First of all, it's musically much rougher than our "studio" recordings, and maybe this is closer to what Pangolin actually sounded like: A loud, sometimes undisciplined rock band who never really knew when to finish a song. The vocals are sometimes way off and buried beneath piles of audio rubble. We occasionally lose direction and wander off into the wilderness. And sometimes we get it together, find the flow and ride the waves.

Second of all, this album presents songs never properly recorded by the band. There are several rehearsals for our second album that got stuck in limbo. Songs such as "The Devilish Mother" and "Funny" later showed up on my solo album "Through My Ghost". Also, there's an extended full band version of "Like Winter I Am" from "Devachan", plus a couple of jams.

All in all, this is a gift to the die-hards, a peek through the keyhole, not intended to be some kind of "lost second album" or anything. And yes, like icing on the cake, with a sound quality to rival your favourite Velvet Underground bootleg.

NOTE: Due to the lousy sound, "Time Vaults" is available in 320 kbit/s mp3 format only. Somehow, wav files seemed rather pointless...


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