Monday, 6 July 2009


It seems that the original Peter Scion website, Tree Music, has gone down. I wasn't the web master, and I have no idea what happened, perhaps Yahoo pulled it for some reason. Anyway, as it seems, this blog will be the main source for information on my past (but not very likely present) doings. At least until I figure out what happened.

It's a bit sad if it actually is defunct, because all my lyrics were kept there, plus plenty of other written work, and due to a number of reasons, I have no other copies of it... (And before you point it out to me: I know, it's stupid of me not to keep a better backup of my own work.)


  1. I've been thinking of maybe setting up at least a lyrics section here, but it's a huge work involved. Also, Tree Music had lyrics to several unreleased songs (there might have been a few unrecorded ones as well) that I currently don't have access to. We'll see what happens.