Wednesday, 6 May 2009



I suppose any artist with a back catalogue exceeding the number of three albums have some "Great Lost Album" lying around somewhere in the rubble. I guess this one would be mine, although it might be rather "lost" than "great"! But seriously, I do have a fondness for "Strange Inconveniences". I like the songs, I play around with the arrangements (using banjo for instance), and it's good to hear my long time friend Carita Forslund sing for the first time on one of my albums. Carita has, as far as I know, given up music just like me, but she used to be a very, very talented songwriter in her own right, although her recordings remain unreleased to this day. A great pity, but a good thing that she wanted to work with me as a flautist (on "Tree Music" and "Devachan") as well as a singer (on the track "Cold Ground" from this very album).

"Strange Inconveniences" was shelved because not long after the sessions, I formed rock band Pangolin, and since they immediately became my main focus, I didn't want any solo album to interfere with the band activities. I do think that the album was good enough to release though, why it is a relief of sorts to finally have it out, if "only" as a download.

I projected several versions of "Strange Inconveniences", changing a song here, adding another there. The version here drops an early, and not very thoroughly realized acoustic take of the Pangolin number "Poisoned River To Her Heart", in favour of "Sounds of the Space Age". I'd say that this is the most definitive version of the album.

"Sounds of the Space Age" was recorded at the end of the sessions, and was an all electronic experiment combining the sounds of an old, wonderfully cheesy organ with a built-in rhythm machine, with phrases primitively sampled from a National Geographic flexi disc celebrating the first steps on the moon. I had no idea whatsoever how the samples would work together with the backing track - I couldn't hear what I was doing due to the technical limitations of the 4 track machine I was using. So I had to trust luck and chance, and I must unashamedly say they were both on my side this time. I love this recording so much, and I don't care if no-one agrees with me! You might say it's totally off compared to the rest of the album, but I say it isn't. It reflects the playfulness that defined my approach to the whole recording session.




  1. I was really surprised when toward the end of the album sounds of the space age came on. Sort of had to check and make sure I was still hearing the same artist and album although the organ keyed me in a bit. Sort of a lyrical blast off from the thematic tone the rest of the album that shakes the listener out of their socks and sends them off to the moon for a bit. Somehow it fit in really well and put a huge grin on my face.

    I've really been enjoying this album and have been giving it a daily listen. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Surpri-ise! :-) Glad you like the album, and by all means, keep your Space Age smile!

  3. Hello! Could you please reupload? Thanks, love your work!